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Multimedia Projects

Displayed here are some of the multimedia projects produced or created by myself at Info-Onscreen Newmedia (IOS). Most presentations were created in mSpace, the inhouse presentation software developed by IOS. Other presentations were done using PowerPoint or created in Flash.

Click HERE to download sample PowerPoint as a zip file. Click HERE to download sample PowerPoint as a ppt file.

Diageo SalesMate - a presentation for Diageo BDMs created in mSpace having over 400 screens (produced by myself, initial design by Marie Taylor, remaining design and content by myself)

Diageo PlanogramMate - an interactive flash program used for visual merchandising by Diageo BDMs (Produced by myself, design and flash animation by Jeremy Cooper, content design by myself)

Ego Pharmaceuticals - a mSpace presentation (Produced by myself, flash animation & design by Jeremy Cooper, content build by myself)

Toyota Presentations - mSpace presentations used for car model launches (Produced by SDE, design by Marie Taylor, flash animations by Jeremy Cooper, content build by myself)

TRD Hilux _________________Aurion V6 _________________Camry ____________________Kluger

Corolla ___________________TRD HiLux _________________TRD Aurion _______________TRD Hilux Sample

Toyota Kiosk - a mSpace touchscreen presenation used at various Motor Shows (Produced by SDE, initial design by Marie Taylor, other design by myself, content build by myself)

Symbion Medical Centres - a mSpace presentation extensively using video (Produced Pamela Qi and myself and designed by myself)

Channel Nine - an Enterprise mSpace presentation featuring dvd quality video updated via Intranet. (Produced by Pamela Qi, design by Marie Taylor and Nine, content build by myself - 600 screens in just over 2 weeks!.)