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Sample photos

I currently use a Canon EOS 700D DSLR. My Canon Powershot S3 ISdigital power zoom camera is still functional. My first digital camera was also a Canon (a Powershot S30) and before that I owned a Minolta SLR. My first cameras were a Kodak box brownie and a Practika.

Click here for Gemima's Wedding photos

Photos of the Month

Magpie-------------------Cormorant--------------Robber Fly on line--------Short Horn Grasshopper----BlowFly

Visiting Cat on fence-----Housefly-----------------Mosquito----------------Jumping Spider----------Bush flowers

Cat on Bed---------------------Early Morning Parrots----------Magpie Cleaning up-----------Soli the Dog

Galah----------------------------Eastern Honey Eater--------------Robber Fly-----------------------Spider

Spring Lopping------------------Spanish Moss-----Spring Bulbs-------Spring is in the air


Chippendale Wall----------------City Raven-------Welcome Swallow in park---------Willie Wagtail

White-Faced Heron--------------Mushrooms----------------------Botanical Gardens--------------Nesting White Ibis

Black Gallah --------------DragonFly----------------------Hungary Cat-------------------Pacific Black Duck

Pamela Qi and Stewart Elsegood (IOS) ----- Fosi and Soli (neighbours) ------------------Spider in Botany Bay National Park

David Rowe ------------------WJP skin diving at Bare Island --------------------Ivo (John) Patrk-----------Bee pollinating-------------------------------Honey Eater Calling

PolAir over house----------------Wasp Hunting-------------------Magpie & Clouds----Mayfly in July resting----------------------Oscar Patrk---------------Cats hanging out together