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Photoshop and 3D Renders page 1

Here is some earlier computer art done by myself using Photoshop, Poser and 3D Studio Max.Assume all 3D models are done by someone else (free or commercial) unless I mention otherwise. Each render is an attempt to tell a story.

The first image's background was rendered in Terragen, the second was inspired by the Sinbad movies, the 3rd by the Harry Potter stories and the fourth picture by my skin diving activities. You will notice in this inspiration in a number of my pictures. Yes it's the mermaid thing...

Another Terragen background, an experiment and more diving inspiration. The final image used a real photographic background.

The beach scene background was photographed at La Perouse, the girl riding the elephant was an illustration for a story I was working on. The zebra centaur just came about and the cliff face for the dragon photo was taken outside of Energee Entertainment at Lane Cove.

A fantasy scene, a scene inspired by Sinbad, a SF scene and more diving.

A 3D model created by myself in 3D Studio Max. It was actually based on a plastic model kit whose parts I modelled and then combined.Previously I had done many, many models in both Sculpt 3D XL and Imagine on my Amigas and then my PC.

A submersible and some Triffids modelled in Max.

A scene done in Poser 6, a fantasy scene inspired by Mr Miyazaki, a scene from the book The Chrysalids and another fantasy scene.



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