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Photoshop and 3D Renders page 2

Here is some earlier computer art done by myself using Photoshop, Poser and 3D Studio Max.Assume all models are done by someone else unless I mention otherwise

A photoshop project where I created Sauron's eye from Lord of the Rings and then used it in a rendered scene

Early 3D Work Pre 2001

The late 1980s and 1990s were an exciting time for digital artists. After early work with programs like Videoscape 3D, Modeller and Deluxe Paint we were given tools like Sculpt3D XL, Opal Paint and then Imagine on the Amiga. My output increased a great deal in terms of my artwork. Then Poser came along for the PC!

The airbrush I think was modelled and rendered in Imagine, based on the double action airbrush I actually owned at the time. The alien in the airlock was rendered and modelled in Imagine as well. The polrob and ferris wheel were modelled, rendered and animated in Imagine. The gothic house was modelled in Imagine and ported into Scenery Animator for rendering.

In the 80's and 90s I was writing scripts for Sindbad short films that would have their special effects done via computer so I did a number of renders of scenes from them using Poser. I addition I modelled an arabian city and animated it in Imagine. This was then genlocked with live action footage shot with Jim Batman for a Alladin theme children's musical. The fourth image features myself diving with 3D rendered mermaids in Poser...and yes, real mermaids don't wear scallop shell tops.

The flying car is a scene from the book by "The Thread That Binds The Bones". I featured a photo of me combined with a 3D car rendered in Imagine and a background from Scenery Animator. The pool was modelled and rendered in Imagine and used for the Opalvision promotion. The Tinman was modelled and rendered in Imagine PC. The crab scene used 3rd party textures in Imagine.


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