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Job History

July 2016 - Present

Employer: Sub-contracted to I.C. Clearly

General cleaning duties at Maroubra

Feb 2012 - Present

Employer: Self-employed at Elsegood Group of companies

Maintaining Elsegood.com.au for Elsegood Fabrics. Updating and maintaining ecommerce Shopify site, undertaking product photography and Photoshop design or retouching work. Update of other pages as required.

Casual admin and accounting for Info-onscreen Newmedia.

Video encoding for Boss Components/Rapidfix promotional videos.

Casual Project Producer work for Info-Onscreen Newmedia

Ebay store management for Comic Kingdom

Wrote article written for ModelArt Australia on Spinner model and accessories construction. Dec/Jan 2013-14 issue.

Unique Model Making for sale on Ebay

Local Gardening for neighbors - voluntary Interior house painting and maintenance - voluntary

2003 - 2012

Employer: Info-onscreen Newmedia Pty Ltd

Positions and Responsibilities

Producer - Acted as digital producer from 2006 at first delivering existing projects after they were handed over and then producing new multimedia presentations in mSpace, Flash standalone and PowerPoint. Directed voice over actors after reviewing and booking talent.

Office manager - My first position at info-onscreen. Some of the job details included managing the project budgets, ordering consumables, helping with IT support and helping conduct job interviews.

Graphic designer - My photoshop skills were often used to supplement those of the existing contracted graphic designers for UX design.

Multimedia assembler - I was expert in the use of the in-house presentation software, mSpace and regularly helped build presentations in it along with troubleshooting client problems and finding solutions. I also managed the R&D mSpace software development team for many years. Video for presentations was transcoded by myself as required, ie conversions between mpeg2 to mpeg1 or 4.

Manual writer - I both colaborated on writing the m-Space manual along with writing and updating the manuals for Mcast and design.

Accounts recievable and payable - After our financial controller David Barty left the company I handled accounts payable and receivable. I also handled a small payroll and helped with the preparation of the BAS.

Major Clients:

Diageo Australia, Pfizer Australia, Toyota (via Bullet Marketing), Volkswagen, Mayne Pharma, Baxter, Symbion, Channel Nine


Employer: Unlimited Energee / Energee Entertainment

Positions and Responsibilities (in descending order).

Digital Supervisor - My job as digital supervisor was to manage the use and mainetance of all digital assets including all software, workstations, monitors, server and backup, editing suite and network. EE had over 80 workstations, most of which were Apple Macs. Our compositing workstations however were PCs with Windows NT as their OS and Toonz as their compositing sofware. CeCaps was used on the painting and compositing Macs along with After Effects and the Adobe Design Suite ie Illustrator and Photoshop. In addition Painter was used by the background artists.

R&D - I conducted R&D on digital stop motion as well as continuing research and beta testing on Toonz, US Animation and CeCaps.

Digital Traffic Manager - My official title for the Magic Pudding movie production where I shared management of the digital department with Robert Hsu ( our responsibilities were partly split, Robert mostly looked after the PCs and the network while I concentrated on the server, backups and the Macs.

Deputy Digital Supervisor - I was deputy digital supervisor with Branka Korac on the 2nd Crocadoo series and often looked after the night shift of painters and compositors. This entailed running batch processing of CeCaps painting and composition scenes, server backups, workstation maintenance and timesheet management.

Compositor - I was a compositor part-time on Crocadoo. I also composited as needed on Wicked, Glorias House and Wickeda among others.

Painter - I did cel painting using first Photoshop 3 and then CeCaps and finally Toonz.

Scanner - I was head cel scanner on Crocadoo series 1. This involved batch scanning cels, understanding and solving compositing problems and editing PANI header information.

By production:

Crocadoo series 1 - cel scanner / digital painter / compositor Crocadoo series 2 - deputy digital supervisor / associate producer

The Magic Pudding movie - digital traffic manager, co-digital supervisor Wicked, Glorias House, Fix and Foxi, Digswell- co-digital supervisor / compositor when needed

Pilot production - digital supervisor, R&D, assistant editor, compositor


Freelance 3D animator, short film creator

During the period after I was retrenched by Paper Converting when they restructured I worked as a 3D animator mainly using Imagine on my Amigas and then on a PC creating flying logo type animations for Inteltec and Batman Film and Video productions. Additionally I created a city flyover animation which was then genlocked behind live video based on a scene from the Disney movie Alladin for a school musical. For Black Knight I created promotion material including a space knight. M.A.S.T used a number of my 3D renders to promote their OpalPaint system. During the early 90s I also conducted beta testing for OpalPaint on the Amiga.

I also worked with Kinetic Energy Dance Group on creating experimental dance videos.


Inteltec, Batman Film and Video Productions, MAST/Black Knight, Kinetic Energy Dance Group


Employer: Paper Converting Pty Ltd

Positions: Printing Machinist/Leading Hand Other: Delegate/FOTC

Responsibilities: Operation and basic maintenance of honsel envelope machines, looseleaf refill Printer, various wrapper machines, tube maker. leading hand of envelope Department 10 years.

General Experience:

Printing machinist (flexographic), machine operator and adjuster

Computer modeling & animation (Sculpt 3D, Videoscape 3D, Imagine, 3D Studio Max), other 3D software

Computer painting (Deluxe Paint, OpalPaint, Photoshop (versions 2.5 - CS3), other painting software

Computer compositing (CeCaps, Toonz, After Effects, US Animation)

Computer editing (AVID Express, AVID Film Composer, Adobe Premiere, Apple Final Cut)

Computer repair (component installation, setup and installation)

Web design: Dreamweaver, HTML editors

Microsoft office (Word, Excel, Powerpoint) Email Outlook, Thunderbird, Lotus Notes

Multimedia: (Deluxe Video, Scala, Mcast, mSpace, PowerPoint)

Video(Sony SLF1, Video 8, various digital cameras), other video cameras including studio cameras and chromakey

Still photography (35mm SLRs, many various digital cameras)

Short film production/direction/scriptwriting/acting

Handyman (carpentry)


Natural History, Photography , Film making processes, Skin diving/snokeling, Military hardware, model making, Writing